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It is time for women to support women. Try my community free for one week. Cancel anytime.

About Me

Maria Leggett is the Founder & CEO of “Maria Leggett Unveiled” and utilizing her experience as a Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher/Coach and Trauma Circle Leader she provides a safe space for women to connect with their greater purpose in life through her online community. Maria prefers her chosen nickname of "Shelley." 

It took Shelley many years to unveil her true self and integrate her childhood trauma allowing those experiences to become part of her, rather than separate. Shelley writes programs by channeling her Spirit Guides to help women deal with their childhood trauma. She also teaches Mediumship and is launching a two-year certificate program for becoming a Certified Spirit Communicator. Shelley wrote and released her oracle deck "Balancing the Feminine" at the beginning of 2021.

The mission of this Community is to create a sacred space where anyone who identifies as a woman has the freedom to be themselves and unfold like a beautiful budding flower, knowing how unique and needed they are in the world. These women will stand in the light and grow being an individual yet connected to other women recognizing there is no reason to compare or compete with the flower next to them. We all breathe the same air and are all equal regardless of whether or not our petals are perfect because they are perfect for us.

A Big Thanks

With deep gratitude I thank each and every one of my supporters because without you, I wouldn't be able to continue on my path to be of service.

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